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Experience Extraordinary Taste

Premium ingredients and a passion to exceed expectations. A pair of distinct toasted oak wooden balls are placed in every bottle, making it truly remarkable. 


The Only Bourbon with Balls

Creating a bourbon that’s unique, unlike any other

in taste, quality, and presence, wasn’t easy. 

It's All About The Wood

Our Specially Toasted Oak Wooden Balls

  • Provide remarkable roundness and sweet aromas

  • Naturally air-seasoned 

    • American Oak: 36 months

    • French Oak: 24 months

  • HACCP Certified

  • American Oak: Enhances flavors of vanilla, rich cream, marshmallow, and woody nuttiness

  • French Oak: Enhances flavors of vanilla spice, graham cracker, cedar, and coffee.

  • Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Barley  


A Distinct Bottle for a Distinct Bourbon

The Story of

Making the Bottle

When thinking of a brawler, one would think of a bare-knuckle boxer. Someone with pronounced shoulders, a work-hardened physique, and a strong base. This was the inspiration for the bottle. The design needed to convey a strength and determination unrivaled by any other bottle. It's not about cockiness or brashness… it’s about persistence, resilience, and perseverance. It was important to have a bottle that sends a message and stands out from the crowd. Learn about out:

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